Rifton products represent the best in American value. Our top quality, state of the art equipment is proudly made in the USA in New York’s Hudson Valley and southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Rifton’s JIT (just-in-time) and lean manufacturing operations are efficient, clean, and organized with minimum waste or overhead. By maintaining all phases of production – design, build and service within the Rifton network it ensures our clients will be supplied with quality equipment that fulfills their personalized needs and at a reasonable cost.


The innovative and functional designs found in every Rifton Product are the direct result of therapists sharing their valuable experience and input. Each and every component is designed and engineered to address the real world needs of both caregivers and clients. Rifton is focused on continually updating our products to deliver to caregivers and clients the opportunity for improved results and improved lives.

Each quality piece of equipment endures rigorous testing before it’s launched. We believe our equipment should provide years of service, so our designers simulate actual use in our test labs. we want you to feel confident knowing that your Rifton products will survive whatever use (or abuse) you and your environment may give it.


Every detail is given complete attention and every custom-configured piece of Rifton equipment is designed to meet the client’s specific needs. We ensure an environment of strict quality control. No order leaves our factories  without being personally inspected and signed off to ensure quality and safety.

We are people building and caring for people – each component of a Rifton product is welded, assembled, stitched, or adhered by hand. Our promise of quality produces durable equipment that lasts. More product for your money is the signature of all genuine Rifton equipment.


Rifton Equipment represents the best of American values. Every piece of Rifton’s adaptive equipment comes from our factories in New York’s Hudson Valley. Quality is our top priority, so we only work with suppliers and vendors that meet our high standards.


Our promise to quality ensures you receive only top quality, durable equipment that lasts. Our commitment to keeping equipment working in the field by ensuring that vital components are on hand, and we do our best to get you replacement parts quickly, and when possible, provide them at no charge.

At Rifton, “Made in the USA” is more than a catchphrase – it’s our commitment to value. And what better way to stand behind our product and our name than to back every product with a Full One Year Warranty.

No nonsense, no small print.

If a Rifton product breaks or fails in service during the first year,

we will replace it free of charge.