Skip Lutgen
Skip Lutgen

Adaptive Skippy LLC is Your Local Minnesota/Wisconsin Distributor for Personal Sales, Service, and Training to meet all your Rifton Adaptive Equipment needs. That’s the “About Us” as a company.

Who is Skippy

…well that would be me. If you’re compelled to understand the who and why of what’s behind the name, Adaptive Skippy, it reads something like this…

There was somebody very close to me who one day lost all that enabled independence

Lost the ability to stand, walk, swallow, or even speak, lost everything, well… almost everything, everything but the will to work their way back to the person they once were.

We spent many, many… many days in physical and occupational therapy

I looked on as the therapists selflessly gave of themselves in what felt to be unmeasurable gains, but they never seemed to tire or lose sight. I found myself, not watching… but feeling, and taking in, what was happening in that room.

One day I said to the Therapists,

“I don’t know if you realize what you’ve done, you’ve changed my life”. “If you’ll look out in the parking lot you’ll see my pickup truck and a bucket of tools, that’s what I do… did, for a living but I’ve sat here day after day and watched you give back to people what they’ve lost, I have to do what you’re doing, but I’m no Therapist.”

I held out my calloused hands and said to them… “I’m a mechanic”

As I said that I looked about the room and saw all this equipment… Adaptive Equipment. “I can do that, I served as a mechanic in the military and I understand equipment”, “I can help people get back some of what they’ve lost with the right equipment.” I left the room that day and set out to learn the world of adaptive equipment and meet with the people that need it to restore their independence.

It’s been years since that day and I feel as inspired today as the day I left that room.

Hi, my name is Skip… Adaptive Skippy and if we haven’t met please pick up the telephone and say hello, tell me your story

…How Can I Help?