Rifton TRAM

A rehabilitation patient with a bionic leg uses the Rifton TRAM to regain motor skills following a traumatic accident.The Rifton Tram delivers far more utility than your average patient lift, and at a reasonable cost

Seated transfer, sit-to-stand transfer and gait training. The Rifton TRAM is a transfer and mobility device designed to deliver three powerful functions in one easy to use low profile package.

  • A 70lb compact frame that’s easy to maneuver in small spaces
  • rifton tram sit to standIntuitive controls and adjustments, allowing transfers and gait training using only a single caregiver.
  • A body support system that takes away the need for heavy lifting by caregivers, promoting Safe Patient Handling and Movement.
  • A powerful battery drive that can lift a 350lb patient over 70 times on a single charge
  • Choosing the optional built-in scale allows you to weigh your client while performing a routine transfers

Advanced design allow lifting and transferring of patients with varied abilities and body types. The TRAM features an innovative, adaptable support system that  enables the caregiver to quickly prepare the patient for a safe and comfortable transfer.