Rifton Mobile Standers

rifton mobile stander wide deckMakes it easy, even for clients without weight-bearing ability.

Engaging in social activity is more rewarding for individuals with disabilities when participating happens in an upright and mobile posture. The Rifton Mobile Stander, a mobile prone stander, can bring your client the independence and upright mobility he or she has been longing for.

Wheelchair- bound?
The Mobile Stander promotes critical motor skills enabling a user to progress toward independent standing.

Standing in a Rifton Dynamic stander, a young girl looks at birds in her school's aviaryFreedom to be more involved and explore
Large wheels allow the client to self-propel in a standing position enabling them to explore their environment with, (and even ahead of!), their classmates. Take off the large wheels and the Mobile Stander easily rolls closer to a table or a counter enabling greater involvement in activities of work and play.

  • Dynamic skillbuilding
    Ongoing use of the Mobile Stander opens up their world to strengthening motor skills and encouraging independent standing.

NOTE: This product was formerly the Rifton Dynamic Stander.