Rifton Activity Chairs

Rifton’s Activity Chair has revolutionized active seating

A therapist activates the Rifton Activity Chair's tilt-in-space feature to allow a school-aged boy to wash his hands at a sink

Therapists report the Rifton Activity Chair as their preferred choice for active learning, speech therapy, feeding, and clients who struggle with sensory processing. Parents as well, see  the many benefits and choose the Rifton Activity Chair to meet their childs’ needs at home.

Easily adjusted while client is seated, no tools needed. Choose from the optional accessories to create customized active seating for your client.

Early intervention, school, home, rehab, or day center, the Rifton Activity Chair is highly adaptable. Durable and versatile to meet your clients needs, from the client with autism to one with more involved physical challenges such as cerebral palsy.

A caregiver has activated the dynamic spring feature on a Standard base Rifton Activity Chair so a child with autism can rock to calm himselfTwo Chair Base Options:

Hi/lo base for easy transfers, optimal positioning, and instant access to any activity.

Standard base for regular classroom use and ideal for students with autism who need calming through self-generated motion (self-stimming).