Pacer Gait Trainers (Mini, S & XL)



Mobility… where would you like to go today?

The simple idea of mobility for everybody inspired the design of the ever-growing family

of Pacers. Five sizes of Rifton Pacer gait trainers ensures that more clients, including infants as young as nine months and adults up to 275 lbs, can realize the benefits of walking and gait training.

Designed with a wide range of clients and varying abilities in mind. Rifton Pacer gait trainers are known for their modular design, durability, and flexibility. People of all ages have experienced a new found strength and confidence when properly supported and positioned in a Pacer.

rifton pacer gait trainer pediatric

  • Improved cognitive function
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Skeletal growth and improved bone health
  • Social development and involvement
  • Prompts that attach anywhere; no tools needed
  • Easy height adjustments in 1″ increments
  • Optimized caster wheels with swivel lock, brake, variable drag and one-way ratchet functions
  • Folding frame stows easily in your car trunk and passes through 32 inch doorways
  • Accessories that accommodate posterior or anterior gait training use

Rifton’s Pacer gait trainers are recognized for their innovative design and ease of use. Everything about the Pacer encourages forward progress for clients so nothing stands between them and the places they want to go.