New Pacer Gait Trainers (M & L)

One small step for man, one giant step for your clientsUsing a standard base on the Rifton Dynamic Pacer, a client walks with his caretaker on a black top road.

We’re proud to bring you the redesigned Pacer.Dynamic gait training refers to the often unnoticed but significant shifts of body and weight transfer that occur in a typical gait pattern. Therapists are in agreement that a well-positioned pelvis in combination with dynamic movement is paramount to successful gait training. The new Rifton Pacer achieves proper positioning and delivers the dynamic weight-bearing and weight-shifting needed to encourage a more natural gait pattern and easier walking motion.

A young boy with his caretaker in a Rifton Pacer gait trainer using the utility base on wood chips.Rifton’s New Pacer is designed using an upper frame with an assortment of bases to fit the needs of clients with a broad range of abilities in a variety of settings. Rifton’s Pacer will expand the clients environment whether indoors or out, it takes you where you want to go.